About Energy for Life

Josh Hodgson

Owner/Trainer at Energy for Life

Energy for Life is your personal coach to exercise, nutrition and lifestyle choices, aimed at bringing you to the peak of your performance with our personal training services.
We believe that everybody has different needs, abilities and requirements when it comes to exercise and nutrition. So when you train with us, you will receive individualized  nutritional and exercise plans based on your goals, ability and genetic requirements.
We believe in using the best quality nutrition from locally farmed organic and free range farms. This eliminates the risk of consuming all the different types of chemicals and toxins that are found in conventional food.
We run out of a high end gym on the northern beaches of Sydney that has a large friendly environment. We also run session out of a local home gym for clients who do not wish to be members of a large gym or would prefer to be trained in a private environment.
You can contact us today to receive your first personal training session free.
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 Hope to see you soon and on your way to a fitter healthier you!