Daily Archives: February 15, 2015

The 6 Foundation Principles of Health 1

Being healthy is not just about eating good food and exercising, sometimes it’s just not enough, so we need to look at the whole picture and focus on all aspects of our life. Listed below are the 6 principal foundations of health taught through the C.H.E.K Institute. These foundations look at all areas of health and work towards improving health and eliminating stress, disease and injury. In return you will feel fitter, more energetic and a better sense of overall wellbeing.

The 6 Major Types of Stress

There are six types of stress that our bodies are subject to. We need a certain amount of each type of stress to keep us healthy, but at the same time too much stress can be very damaging. It is believed that 99% of all disease is caused by stress and the body can’t tell the difference from one stressor to the next. So you might be over stressed from several negative stressors i.e. poor nutrition and emotional stress from work, and if you try to include a stress that might normally be beneficial like exercise, even though you might feel good afterwards from the endorphins your body releases, you are only adding to an already over stressed body and this is going to have an even bigger negative effect and cause long term problems.